Ashlyn O.

Digital Media Director
Ashlyn O.


Hi friends! I’m Ashlyn, born & raised in Wichita, Kansas. My husband, our pug & I moved to Germany 3+ years ago. I travel any chance I get & also love having a creative outlet through social media & hands-on crafts. I began my own fitness journey February 2020 & haven’t looked back. One of my favorite quotes is, don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20.

I became fully hooked on fitness shortly before the pandemic hit. I love having a routine & trying out new programs, one being CrossFit. Andrew & Caitlin encouraged my husband & I to give it a try with the Fundamentals course & we both loved it!

Taking photos & videos for the social media accounts is so rewarding. Seeing everyone, of all ages, pushing their limits & testing their boundaries encourages me daily! I especially love the CrossFit Kid’s & Teen’s programs; they show up excited & eager every time!


When and where did you start CrossFit?
Wichita, Kansas in 2016. My best friend back home always encouraged me to try new techniques to be active & I attended while she coached CrossFit. Not long after, the military assigned us to Germany.
Got any hobbies?
I love packing my passport & exploring new cities, spending time with my husband, Brad, & our pug, Stella & working out.

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