Emily T.

Coach/Chief of Administrative Operations
Emily T.


  • CrossFit Trainer Level 1
  • i99Fit Gymnastics Level 1


Hey Ya’ll! I am from Augusta, Georgia and have been living in Germany since March 2019. CrossFit came into my life in 2016 and has been a constant ever since. While in Georgia, I founded my own meal prep company because of CrossFit and wanting to continue my health journey. I later joined another start-up Meal Prep company inside of a CrossFit gym and eventually ran the entire business. Currently I am focusing on being a great military spouse and soon to be mommy to a little boy, Malachi! Working and attending here at Teutonic has given me such a sense of community and family. CrossFit has become (and I’m sure will always be) a very big part of my life.

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