Alicia B.

Alicia B.


  • CrossFit Level 1


  • BS ~ Technical Program Management
  • MS ~ Cost and Price Analysis


Hallo Leute!  I’m a mountain gal, born and raised in Northern Utah buuuut I am pretty sure my heart belongs to Idaho. I started CrossFit back in the New Balance and Five Finger Toe shoe days (circa 2009). I was playing elite level Rugby and was no stranger to a weight room but I needed to up my strength training game. My BFF suggested CrossFit and it worked! When I decided to hang up my rugby boots there was no question that I’d keep putting on the Nanos, No Bulls, or shoe flavor of the year. It’s helped me recover from several severe rugby and sports injuries over the years. I figure it’s a sure bet to keep me moving outside of the gym for the rest of my life. CrossFit, both doing and coaching, is not only good for my long term physical health but also my soul. I know I’ve walked into a box or two feeling down in the dumps or with a bad tude,but am having trouble recalling a time I ever walked out feeling the same. I hope the Teutonic Team can help it be that way for you too. So stop in and see us some time!


When and where did you first start CrossFit?
I started Crossfit in 2009 at Bomber Athlete in Utah.
Why do you coach?
It’s just so enjoyable for me! Watching and helping people become not only better at crossfit but more confident is an amazing opportunity and I’m so thankful to have it.
Got any hobbies?
I enjoy watching/playing sports and hunting.

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